Captain Kidd

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This is Captain William Kidd's farewell speech just prior to his execution by hanging.  Executed in London on May 23rd, 1701 for the crime of piracy against the ship Quedah Merchant.

My name was Captain Kidd, when I sail'd, when I sail'd,
And so wickedly I did,
God's laws I did forbid,
When I sail'd, when I sail'd.

I roam'd from sound to sound,
And many a ship I found,
And then I sunk or burn'd,
When I sail'd.

I murder'd William Moore,
And laid him in his gore,
Not many leagues from shore,
When I sail'd.

Farewell to young and old,
All jolly seamen bold,
You're welcome to my gold,
For I must die, I must die.

Farewell to Lunnon town,
The pretty girls all round,
No pardon can be found, and I must die, I must die,
Farewell, for I must die.

Then to eternity, in hideous misery, I must lie, I must lie.

                - Captain William Kidd