Curious Web Sites

Curious Web Sites

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Web sites of some of my friends:
Alan Meyer  (Former co-worker and an extraordinary fan of the "King" of rock-and-roll.)
Preston Ridge Jazz Quartet  (Ron Iovine)
Colonial Motel (Rick and Patti Tuttle)
Shelby CSX  (David Reynolds)
Capture Photography  (Tim Hall)
Story Conscious (Rebecca Davis)
Greek for Everyone (Maury Robertson)

Web sites that hold special meaning for me:
Glendale Elementary School  (Where I went to school through grade 4.  Just seeing the photos kind of makes me misty.)
Emmanuel Baptist Church  (The Baptist church in Pullman, WA.  My first church home.)
Hunter's Glen Baptist Church (My current church home.)
Cornerstone Baptist Church (A fabulous church in Fort Worth.  Small church, big impact in the community and world wide.)

The Weird and Whacky:
In my travels through cyberspace, I sometimes find unusual, interesting, or just downright weird web sites.  Marvel then with me at these curious works...

True, tragic tales from the life of's Jerry Time.  (discoverer:  CHF)

Bitey Castle contains very original, weird Flash animations.  The subject matter is a bit creepy, but I really admire the artistic ability of Adam Phillips, the creator.  My favorite is "hitchHiker."  He has also collected and published some creepy family stories.

Quirky and the Guess the Dictator and/or Television Sit-Com Character game.  My character was Boris Batenov and the program guessed it in 14 questions.

Create your very own whacko.

The front cover of every Mad Magazine known to Man.

Enter a word and see how frequently it occurs in the English language relative to other words.  (requires Java)

A satirical on-line database of North Korean propaganda...NK News.

A conspiracy nut's paradise.  Memory Hole is sort of like the smokey, backroom, power-broker's filing cabinet of unusual documents..mostly federal.  It has all kinds of strange reports and weird information.  Everything from the FBI's 355 page dossier on Edward Teller, to lists of dismissed FBI agents, to risk assessments of the most dangerous vaccines, to a Navy report on disease vectors.  Lot's of off-beat, unusual documents.

Enter your name and see how its popularity has changed over time.  Very interesting.  (requires Java)

Your computer science term paper got ya down?  No sweat, the Computer Science Paper Generator saves the day!  (discoverer:  CHF)

Ask the Radio 8-ball anything and it will provide a mystical answer in song.

The Mercury Theater on the Air produced many radio plays in the late 1930s including the infamous War of the Worlds.

Got a really long URL that you'd like to make smaller; something like a huge MapQuest reference or something?  Go to TinyURL and shrink it.

The National Reconnaissance Office now has a web site for kids.  The thing is, it's almost disturbingly bizarre.

A bunch of quasi-euro-trash artists and the on-line magazine Zing documenting their life and work.  It's way-out, but I kind of like it!

Go to wheresgeorge, enter the serial numbers of the bills in your wallet, and find out where they've been.

The family was bored one weekend and was looking for something new to do.  I got out the ol' GPS and we went geocaching.  We looked for four caches and found two.  It was a blast!  We'll definitely try it again.

MEMRI is a research institute that translates Arabic news articles and other media to English.  Many of these are basically anti-American tirades.  After a while, you get the impression that Arabs hate everything and everybody!  Is the Arab mind this bizarre and hate-filled?  Uhhhh...apparently!

The labyrinth that is  A potpourri of odd views and retro chic.

Take a peek at the very original and amusing animated shorts at Angry Alien.  My favorite is "Amy's Diary."  (discoverer:  CHF)

A wide variety of short stories,

In the 1950s the US government conducted LSD experiments on various subjects.  One experiment involved an artist instructed to draw portraits of a man.  His drawings change markedly over an 8 hour period.

A really joyful little movie about two surfin' buds and their day out.  Be sure to check out the "extras."

Really cool science toys you can build.

A haunting photo-essay of the Chernobyl site as it stands today.

Calculate the effects of an asteroid impact.

Take a Myers-Briggs-Jung personality test.  I found the results quite accurate.  I'm an INTJ.

Remember the Crying Indian television ad from 1971?  (2.8 MB QuickTime Movie)

The fascinating world of Curta Mechanical Calculators.

Word Spy - An online dictionary of new words and slang.  Very interesting...stuff like "view shaft," "pedlock," and "imperial overstretch."  Worth a browse.

A very interesting site with demographic statistics on many US cities.  (discoverer:  CHF)

Documenting the surface of the Earth in photos.  The Degree Confluence Project.

A potpourri of inscrutable dietary sites.  Gallery of Regrettable Food and Scary Foods.

Join the ranks of the heroic.  Fight the left!  (discoverer:  RT)

What does all that weird symbolism mean on the great seal of the United States?

Collin county tax assessor real estate appraisals.  Enter your name and find a bunch of public domain information about your property values, general floor plan, etc.  It's all here...kind of scary.

What happens when you wear a nametag everywhere?  Hello, My Name is Scott has the answer for you. supplies a few hearty chuckles.

Revel in the childish oddness of Rather Good.

Build your own super-hero.  (discoverer:  CHF)

Worlds longest slinky.  Be sure to listen to the audio clips...very ethereal.  (discoverer:  CHF)

Aerial photos of the entire California and Washington coasts.

I Used to Believe.  A collection of things people used to believe when they were kids.

The whacky world of All-Too-Flat.

A very novel time of day display.  Very creative...I wish I could think of stuff like this.  (discoverer:  JL)

Really stupid things people have said.

Convert any unit of measure to any other unit of measure.

Larry Walters tied 42 weather balloons to a lawn chair and went for a flight through LA airspace back in 1982.

Cluster ballooning.  I've always had great respect for the do-it-yourself man.  Especially those that think out-of-the-box.

An unusual search engine, KartOO.  It graphically depicts how well the found site matches your search criteria and draws lines to show how the various sites are inter-linked.  An ingenious design.  (discoverer:  EA)

How much should you be paid?  Enter your profession and location to see what others in your field are earning.

Have you always wondered how and why Daylight Saving Time came about?

Really cute and fun flash games.  They're very unique.  (discoverer:  CHF)

Candy cross-sections.  For some strange reason, I found this site fascinating.  I can't explain why.  (discoverer: CHF)

A neat web page with animated virtual mechanisms.

Welcome to!

A collection of science songs for kids, circa 1960.

Physics songs and poems.

Create your own Bruce Lee soundtrack.

An interesting story about a Christmas Box.

An entertaining site about trebuchets.  How to build them, interesting stories about launching bricks, watermelons, people, etc.

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