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"In a world full of people, only some want to fly; isn't that crazy!"  - Anon

Some Personal Stories
Why I Fly
Hang Gliding
Pucker Factor
The Drug Runners
First Trip to Washington
Second Trip to Washington
Third Trip to Washington
Strangers in the Night
A Curve Ball
The Grave of Charles Lindbergh
How to Become a Pilot
Getting an Instrument Rating
Getting a Commercial Certificate
Wake-up Stall
Essential Weather
A Startling Development
Tools for the Beleaguered Pilot

Miscellaneous Items of Interest

Get free Wireless Aviation Weather on your text pager or cell phone.  I use it a lot.

Numerous video clips from the golden age of aeronautics.

1700 Miles to Glory...a humorous tale of derring-do.

Some amazing aviation photos.  Be sure to visit the "Spectacular Approaches"!  There are a lot of good ones here too.

I fly out of Monarch Air in Addison, TX.

Current surface observations at Addison, McKinney, Love Field, and DFW airports.

Find the time of civil twilight and official night for any US location.

On-line NACO Charts.  Includes current versions of Instrument Approach Plates.

North American tail number search

North American certified pilot search.  This database is driven by medical examination records.  A pilot may not appear in the database if their medical certification has expired.

NASAs Aviation Safety Reporting System

See how VORs work with Tim's Air Naviagation Simulator.