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This page last updated on 01/26/2019.

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My sister, Janet, has written a few accounts of things she has done and experienced over the years.  I was spellbound when Janet shared these stories.  I offer them here for your consideration.

  •  Janet spent a good bit of time up in the Blue Mountains East of Walla Walla, Washington.  She once had a creepy encounter with...well, some kind of animal.  People have been coming out of the Blues for over 100 years saying there's something big and hairy up there.  Even the Indians had stories like this...well before the arrival of Europeans.  If you're a glutton for goose-bumps, read Jubilee Lake.
  •  A number of unnerving experiences up Mill Creek; in the mountains a few miles East of Walla Walla.
  •  Another unsettling experience up the North Fork of the Umatilla in the Blue Mountains.
  •  South Fork Adventures; ruminations of the South Fork of the Walla Walla river.
  •  Growing up in Illinois fascinated by the mystery of Indian Beads.
  •  The Story of Two Houses; recollections of two very different houses; one in Illinois, another in Washington state.  One kinda cool, the other kinda creepy.
  •  An interesting sequential dream; I found "In the Land of Nod" rather comforting.
  •  Another sequential dream, "Foregleams."
  •  Musings of an incurable rock hound, "Bones of the Earth."
  •  Mysterious a-doin's at Washington State Penitentiary, "The Others."
  •  The tragic tale of "Omar Olinger."
  •  Bedeviled; a startling and ultimately puzzling call in the night.
  •  A cautionary tale of being Out to Sea.