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This page last updated on 04/26/2020.

Copyright 2001-2020 by Russ Meyer

Social distance is desired here,
Drippy noses not admired here,
Coughin' ain't required here.
Please turn the other way.

Corona virus is the name it's given,
All alone's the life we're livin',
The only thing for which we've striven
Is back to normal for just a day.

We can't go out, we can't come in,
Touching anything's a sin,
Don't know where I can begin,
Where can I go, where can I stay?

China virus can't be used,
Find another name to choose,
Or else your face is on the news.
It's not Chinas fault they say.

Even tho they tried to hide it,
Blame America?  Yes they tried it.
Liberals joined them, we denied it.
It's not the fault of the U.S.A.

It's far too late to point the blame.
Now we've got to win this game.
Or else we'll all go down in flame.
We're tough, we're strong, we'll win the day!

        - A. Meyer, 2020