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A Few Opuscules I've Written

A Survey of Cepheids.  A look at the discovery of Cepheid variable stars and the impact that has had on our concepts of the cosmologic distance scale.

Our Solar System in Perspective.  We live on a microscopic dust mote lost in an infinite sea of stars.

Some thoughts on the Solar System Density Distribution.

Storm Ciphers.  "How much energy is in the air," and how answering that question affords insight on matters of public policy.

Ever wonder how much space all of humanity occupies?  Well, neither did I until recently.  Read Strange Math and find out.

What do a bunch of giggling kids have in common with the Roman empire.  Find out in Fractal Societies.

How is the rotation of the Earth related to Dinosaurs?  Read Of Cyclones and Dinosaurs to find out.

The Scoop on Energy.  Where it comes from and how we get it, store it, and use it.

Every wonder why hydrogen powered cars aren't everywhere?  Is a conspiracy of crass oilmen keeping it down?  Read Hydrogen Powered Cars and discover the ugly truth!

A little essay on understanding God's relationship with the universe and ourselves, God's Eye View of the Universe.

Science and the Bible conflict on many points...or do they?  Perhaps this conflict is a matter of perception.  Consider an alternate view in Science Verses the Bible.

Find out what makes a Swiffer tick in The Secret Life of Swiffers.

Think science has the answers?  Well, You Don't Know Jack!

Have you heard of the Coriolis Effect?  I tried but couldn't make heads-or-tails of it for years...until I finally figured it out!  Read "The Mysterious Coriolis Effect" and find out, once and for all, what it's all about.

Other Interesting Science Topics

Some on-line lectures by Richard Feyman at the University of Auckland, 1979.

Check out the NOAA site Ocean Explorer.  Lots of really interesting stuff about ocean life, geology, history, etc.

Alternative views on various science topics.  Thought provoking reading.

KryssTal...a terrific site describing relativity theory, quantum mechanics, subatomic particles, etc.  Super easy to understand and packed full of really good, basic knowledge.  A must see!

How stuff works.  A really cool site explaining the physics behind things like CAT scanners and lasers.

A map of meteor craters on Earth.

A fabulous, easy to understand page on string theory.

High energy nuclear weapons.  Includes a fascinating section on small man-portable thermonuclear devices.

A good survey of nuclear thermal propulsion systems.

Some applications of nuclear space power.

Space propulsion systems with some nuclear propulsion topics.

J-Pass satellite tracking.

Collection of scientific enigmas.  Anomalous observations/unusual events.

Obligatory SETI@Home link.