The Grave of Charles Lindbergh

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Charles A. LindberghIn June of 2000 we vacationed in Hawaii on the island of Maui.  Charles Lindbergh is buried there.  His grave is on the south side of the Island, just west of Hana.  One morning we set out from Lahaina on an expedition to find Lindbergh's grave.  The drive to the south end of the island took almost 5 hours but was very scenic.  Lindbergh's grave is located on the property of Palapala Ho‘omau Congregational Church; isn't easy to find.  The church is set back from the paved road.  You have to turn off the main road and proceed down another little dirt road that looks like someone's country driveway.  It is surrounded by several small pastures where horses and cattle graze.  Very peaceful and scenic.  We stayed there about an hour and saw only two other people.  The graveyard itself is about 80 by 60 feet in size, set on the south side of the church, overlooking the ocean about 100 feet below.  It is part of a larger grassy area measuring about 120 x 250 feet.  Here's a diagram of the church:




Here's some detail of the Church area.  Click on the camera symbols to see a few photos: