Yanmar 1GM10

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Yanmar Part Number(s) Description Alternative Other Alternatives Yanmar
128176-42071 Water Pump Impeller Jabsco 1414-0001 Jabsco 1411-001
Jabsco 14609-0001
Jabsco 14787-0001
1000 hours Every time I have cracked the water pump open, I have found the impeller is in bad shape and has shed a couple of blades.  The impeller doesn't seem to make it beyond about 250 hours; I can't see any way it would make it to 1000 hours like Yanmar says.  In cold weather, the engine has started in reverse a few times.  Anytime the engine turns backward, the impeller will likely be seriously damaged.
Water Pump Tubing Gates 4230-0060 Goodyear 65070   " (12.7 mm) I.D. automotive heater hose.
24101-060004 Water Pump Ball Bearings NSK 6000CM     Bearing is 10 mm bore size (inside diameter), 26 mm outside diameter, and 8 mm deep.  It's an open steel cage type.

The NSK bearing number means:

  •   6 - Metric
  •   0 - Extra light duty
  •   00 - 10 mm bore size
  •   blank - Pressed steel cage type
  •   blank - Open bearing
  •   blank - Retention method:  plain outer ring
  •   CM - Internal clearance:  electric motor clearance
24321-000350 O-ring, Water Pump to Engine Seal National O-rings 6035030     1AG, 35 mm O-ring.  Note:  The same O-ring is also used for the oil filler cap.

The O-ring number means:

  • 1A - Nitrile Rubber (NGA), Durometer Shore 70A
  • G Series - For mounting applications (as opposed to rotary shaft seals, etc.)

Inside Diameter:  35 mm
Outside Diameter 41 mm
Thickness:  3 mm

It's basically your cheap, garden-variety O-ring.  No big deal.

128170-42200 Water Pump Assembly       I end up having to rebuild my water pump about every 250 hours.  I bought a spare pump assembly so I could keep the boat running while I took my time doing the pump rebuild.  The pump seems to quickly develop leaks around the seawater seal.  The water flows through the pump water drain hole, dripping onto the front face of the engine block and then onto the oil lines underneath.  The result is corrosion on the engine block and oil lines. 
119305-35151 Oil Filter Fram PH3593A Fram PH6607
Fram PH6811
Fram PH9688
WIX WL7181
WIX 51334
Champion F122
250 hours I change the filter every time I change oil.
  Engine Oil Chevron
Delo 400 LE
Delo 400 LE
100 hours I usually change my oil about every 50 hours.  I use 15W-40 because I run the boat year round; in hot and cold weather.  The multi-viscosity oil is easier for the engine to pump in colder weather, and the Yanmar manual says it's OK to use.  It's less fuss for me to stock and use just one type of oil.  If you run primarily in warm weather then straight 30W is fine.

     >  1.3 liters (44 oz) without filter change
     >  1.5 liters (50 oz) with filter change.
  Gearbox Oil     250 hours  
128170-77350 Alternator
Gates 7290 Dayco 15290
Duralast 15290
250 hours This is a x 29 inch V-belt used on engines with serial numbers 03690 and lower.  Original equipment is a Mitsubishi REMF-1290 V-belt.
105582-77790 Alternator
Gates 7300 Dayco 15300
Dayco 3vx300
Duralast 15300
250 hours This is a x 31 inch V-belt used on engines with serial numbers 03691 and higher.    Original equipment is a Mitsubishi REMF-1305 V-belt, but I have had trouble finding it.  The Gates 7300 and Dayco 15300 are close matches.  The Dayco 3vx300 and Duralast 15300 will work well, even though their dimensions are less well matched.  The belt is properly tensioned when you can depress the belt 10 mm at a point half-way between the two pulleys.
104500-55710 Engine Mounted Fuel Filter Fram C7516 Purolator F55174 250 hours  
105582-49200 Thermostat     500 hours  
104211-49160 Gasket     n/a Same gasket is used for both thermostat and anti-corrosion zinc.
27210-200200 Anti-Corrosion Zinc     500 hours  
123210-09310 Gasket     n/a  
104271-67550 Engine Stop Cable       10 foot segment