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Here we've listed our recommendations for the top picks Best closed back headphones, which include popular brands: Hifiman, Focal, Audeze, Mrspeakers, Audio-technica, Drop, Sennheiser consumer audio. You can use these products to help narrow down your results even further. Happy searching!

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  • HAND CRAFTED IN CALIFORNIA: Every LCD-XC headphone is engineered and meticulously handcrafted then rigorously tested and calibrated before leaving our Southern California facility. NOTE: The only change from the previous Maple and Bubinga wood versions of this model is the substitution of the new carbon weave earcups. Everything else remains unchanged. "Fantastic bass performance, powerful, taut and fast, with real slam, beautifully defined and extremely well differentiated." - Hi Fidelity
  • NOTE: This is the latest version of this model, the LCD-XC effective March, 2021, and replaces he previous model, ASIN: B08J2SCXBM
  • THE BEST CLOSED-BACK HEADPHONES - Your favorite music erupts from a silent background taking on a life of its own. The sense of space is enormous, the midrange and high frequencies offer fantastic detail. Get the benefits of planar magnetic headphones with increased isolation and greatly reduced ambient noise with this closed-back design.
  • TrueFlow driver for improved resolution and dynamics
  • Italian NAPPA lamb leather ear pads and head strap
  • Ultralight NiTinol metal headband and real carbon fiber cups
  • Audio-Technica’s Double Air Damping System (D.A.D.S.) for deep, natural-sounding bass reproduction
  • Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating on diaphragms helps to deliver exceptional full-range audio
  • Large-aperture 53 mm drivers with a permendur magnetic circuit are capable of Hi-Res Audio reproduction
  • THE MRSPEAKERS PHILOSOPHY: Dan Clark, company founder and storied electrical engineer, develops audiophile-grade headphones that allow you to slide into the music without inserting itself into the listening experience
  • OPEN SOUND WITH CLOSED DESIGN: For one thing, they sound more like a pair of open-back headphones—clean, open, realistic, relaxed—while retaining the low sound leakage and high isolation you’d expect from closed cans
  • V-PLANAR DRIVERS FOR INCREDIBLY LOW DISTORTION: The Ether CX is built around MrSpeakers’ single-ended planar driver with patented V-Planar technology for ultra-low distortion (<0. 5 percent in the low bass, <0. 1 percent from 60 Hz to 9 kHz).
  • KEY MEASUREMENTS — Driver: 45mm Tesla neodymium, impedance: 32 ohms, cable: detachable 6 ft, plug: 3. 5mm with included 3. 5 – 6. 35mm adapter, frequency response: 5 Hz – 40 kHz
  • SOFTNESS YOU CAN ONLY GET FROM SHEEPSKIN — The pinnacle of comfort for our DT 177X GO headphones are the included premium Dekoni sheepskin earpads. Made of the softest lambskin leather we could find, they’re super plush and create a great seal
  • INCLUDED — Beyerdynamic DT 177X GO closed-back headphones, sheepskin ear pads, velour ear pads, and a 3. 5 – 6. 35mm adapter
  • Incredible bass response due to Audeze’s 100mm planar drivers and closed back design. Our Planar Magnetic drivers have superior impulse response, and make these headphones sound more realistic.
  • It's the second most neutral closed back headphone available – our LCD-XC at only $1299 is the most neutral closed back headphone.
  • Comes with our new steel suspension headband and memory foam earpads for added comfort. Rugged travel case is available separately: SKU #CSE1019-KT
  • Elegia is the new and the first audiophile circum-aural closed-back headphones. Integrating the best of exclusive technologies from Focal Elegia guarantees remarkable listening quality everywhere and anywhere.
  • Every component has undergone cutting edge research and been meticulously considered. The sound reproduction is precise and the power is certainly not lacking.
  • These circum-aural closed-back headphones incorporate a new generation of exclusive full-range speaker drivers capable of operating in a small inner environment whilst ensuring exceptional dynamics and the most precise sound reproduction.
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What is the best way to buy the Best closed back headphones?

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Battery Life

Most premium wireless headphones offer between 15 and 20 hour battery life. If you're looking for longer playtimes, consider buying an extra case for them.

EQ Controls

Equalization (EQ) is used to control the different aspects of audio that comes through your headphones. Some headphones come with their own EQ settings, but if you want to customize them further, look for headphones that support an EQ application.


It doesn't matter if they're wireless or wired; accessories are equally important. You can get some good deals on headphones that come with a carry case, charging cord, manual, and extra ear pads or tips.


You can use some headphones with a built-in mic for making phone calls without having to put your phone close to your mouth.

Digital Assistant Compatibility

With today's technology, most smartphones are compatible with various types of headsets. Some phones even come with built-in microphones so you don't need separate ones. If you're looking for a headset that works with your phone, check out our list of best wireless Bluetooth earbuds here.


Design usually comes before everything else. Do you want wired or wireless headsets? What kind of material should they be made out of? How comfortable do you think they'll be? These are questions that must be answered before purchasing any headset. You can find answers to these questions in our guide on choosing the right headphone.

Noise Cancellation

You should definitely get some good quality earbuds for your next trip. They're excellent at canceling out the outside noises and allowing you to listen to whatever you want without interruption.

Audio Quality

It’d be nice if you could actually listen to music without earphones.

Final Thoughts

Most regular people believe that if they buy the Best closed back headphones from a well-known company, it will last them for many years. However, they don't realize that there is no connection between the product's name or reputation and its actual quality or durability.

So, be careful but don't forget to check out our trusted brands too: Hifiman, Focal, Audeze, Mrspeakers, Audio-technica, Drop, Sennheiser consumer audio.


1. Why Do Some Headphones List NFC As A Connectivity Option?

Near field communications (NFC) is a short-range radio frequency identification system, also called RFID, originally developed by Philips. NFC allows two electronic objects to communicate without having to touch them directly, thereby allowing users to exchange data between these objects simply by bringing them into proximity. Because of its small size, low energy consumption, and speed, NFC can be integrated into mobile device hardware such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches.

2. How Can I Be Certain A Pair Of Earbuds Will Fit Well In My Ears?

They may not be easy to get, but if you want a good fit, you need to buy earphones that come with different sized silicon (or memory foam) plugs.

3. How Long Do The Batteries Last On A Pair Of Noise-cancelling Headphones?

It varies. Active noise canceling (ANC) uses active technology to play unique sounds that block out external sounds. Some models have a longer lasting charge than others. Wireless headphones connect via Bluetooth, so they won't drain the device's power. Expect the batteries to run out quicker if you're listening to music and talking at the same time.

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