Our 12 Best Exercise Gym Mat In The US - November 2023

We use the latest technologies and innovations to research Best exercise gym mat that is better than anything else out there. And we're always looking for ways to improve our products and services.

We're sure to provide you with a list 12 of products that were carefully selected from numerous items from these outstanding brands: Hapbear, Mro, Gxmmat, Ag activegear, Wercho, Gymcope, Anngrowy. Look at them!

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  • 【Package Contents & Hassle-Free Assurance】 You'll receive a high-density exercise mat, a set of HAPBEAR resistance bands, and a high-quality storage bag. We stand behind every quality exercise mat and provide 24-hour online professional customer service for our customers.
  • 【Double Anti-slip Layers】The corrugated structure at the top and the suction cup structure at the bottom provide a strong grip and comfort. No matter how strenuous exercise you do, it will provide enough friction and stability to protect your ankle without fear of sprain or slipping.
  • 【Extra Cushion & Comfortable】 Our large exercise yoga mat adopts high-density foam technology, up to 8mm thick (greater than ⅓ inch).Very soft and skin-friendly. High-density workout mat can protect your knee and other joints during intense aerobic exercise, and play a role in shock absorption. Excellent durability, tear resistance and wear resistance, designed for high-intensity training. It can also reduce noise and protect the floor.
  • ✅ HASSLE FREE ASSURANCE : Experience the ultimate in Exercise Mats or get your money back. Our Large Gym Mat comes with peace of mind risk-free satisfaction guarantee. 24H INSTANT CONNECT - if you're not completely happy, we'll make sure your money is refunded - no questions asked, no fuss.
  • ✅ ECO-FRIENDLY, NON-TOXIC CONSTRUCTION - We get that your health is important to you, which is why the materials we use are safe, creating the perfect fitness mat for everything from weightlifting, cardio and HIIT workouts, to MMA and dance, to getting some EXTRA PADDING UNDER YOUR FAVORITE YOGA MAT.
  • ✅ YOUR HOME GYM ANYWHERE - Easy to store, easy to use, and twice the size of a standard yoga mat, this 8' x 6' gym mat works great on all floor surfaces including tile, concrete and carpet in your living room, basement, garage and outdoors.
  • 【DOUBLE SIDED NON-SLIP SURFACES】The oversized mat has double-sided no-skid surfaces for enhanced traction and superior grip. Touch elegant in soft and flexible Top layer with characteristics at Quick resilient, non-slip, excellent grip and good support to your body-move. Grooved & matrix-circle underside stops the mat from sliding on the floor.
  • 【SOFT ON YOUR SKIN AND JOINTS 】7mm Memory Foam is the great combination of stability and cushioning. The padded mat provides the body with great support and extra comfort. Outstanding benefit at impact protection to your knees, elbows, and floor during any workouts.
  • 【NON-TOXIC AND SAFE TO USE】We believe in creating a premium quality eco-friendly gym floor mat that is safe for your body, mind and spirit. Our padded mats are latex-free, phthalate-free, silicone-free and toxin-free. Durable and Long-lasting. Easy to clean and roll-up.
  • Non-toxic Durable PVC Treadmill Mat: These exercise equipment mats are made of a non-toxic, super-tough, durable PVC material. This is able to help the heavy-duty equipment stay in one place and protects your floors and carpets from the indentations and scratches caused by exercise equipment. The new PVC exercise mats might be with a slight smell due to long-time transportation. Place the exercise mat in a cool and ventilated place for 1 day, then the smell would disappear.
  • Treadmill Mat for Hardwood Floors and Carpets: The surface of equipment exercise mats is sleek thus preventing dust and dirt from getting into the parts of your expensive workout equipment. This helps you prolong your exercise equipment's lifetime. Plus, the sweat resistance gym mat is able to keep your carpets and floor dry and in a good condition. Meanwhile, our fitness equipment mat would not leave indentations and scratches, which is highly recommended to use on carpets or hardwood floors.
  • Non-slip and Waterproof Exercise Equipment Mat: This durable PVC equipment mats can be quickly and easily installed directly over your existing carpet or floor. It has a non-slip design that fits tightly without separating over time - even when bearing the weight of heavy workout machines. Plus, WERCHO home gym mats are able to prevent sweat as well as accidental water spills from reaching the floor. The water-resistant exercise equipment floor mat is also very easy to clean using a damp cloth.
  • 【MULTI-PURPOSES & LIFETIME SERVICE】Sticks to Indoor and outdoor conditions. It can be used in conjunction with GXMMAT Cardio Mat as an underlay for extra absorption. We stand by the quality of our yoga mats and provide LIFETIME SERVICES.
  • 【WORKOUT WITHOUT RESTRICTION】Extra long & wide for all-purpose fitness WITHOUT Shoes. Ideal for home yoga studios. Never feel restricted or limited by the size of your spacious gym mat. It can be used for any yoga pose, pilates, meditation, stretching, light cardio or other workout routines. Works great on most floor surfaces. Non-toxic and Eco-friendly.
  • 【SOFT ON YOUR SKIN AND JOINTS 】7mm Memory Foam is the great combination of stability and cushioning. The padded mat provides the body with great support and extra comfort. Outstanding benefit at impact protection to your knees, elbows, and floor during any workouts.
  • Easy Storage With Bag & Straps: Includes a carrying bag and 3 hook and loop straps for convenient rolling up and secure storage; a microfiber towel (27''x 16'') included; waterproof surface keeps moisture and sweat from seeping into the mat; easy to clean with a quick wipe; put the fitness mat in the bag and take it with you on your fitness journey; you can also keep it out all the time for quick and easy access
  • Shock Absorption & Anti-Slip Surfaces: 7mm thick yoga mat, jump rope mat, or wrestling mat offers optimal cushioning to protect your joints from impact; exercise equipment mat to absorb shock to reduce noise and protect the floor; double-sided anti-slip surfaces provide a secure grip on your hands and feet; great gym mat flooring that stays firmly in place on tile, carpet, concrete, and hardwood floors
  • Heavy-Duty, Tear-Resistant & Versatile: With high-density pvc material, the gym mats are solid and robust to resist abrasion and scratches; prevent wear and tear from high-intensity training and frequent use; versatile mat as a workout mat for fitness, gym flooring for home gym equipment, or a secure and comfortable play mat for family or furry friends to join; enjoy fun and togetherness with the gym floor mat
  • SUPER LARGE & MULTI-PURPOSES: You will never feel restricted or limited by the size of the huge yoga mats, Extra large, wide size make the big yoga mats are ideal for all Cardio Workouts, Yoga, Pilates, Meditations, Stretch, Foam Rolling, Warmups and various barefoot bodyweight training. NOTE: USE WITHOUT SHOES.
  • EXTRA TOWEL, ROPE & LIFETIME SERVICE: MRO fitness mat is your safe choice, it comes with an extra 100% Microfiber Towel and an extra High-Quality jumping rope. We also provide LIFETIME AFTER-SALE SERVICE, please email us to get registered. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us!
  • EXTRA THICK& SUPERIOR COMFORT: 9mm high-density memory Foam, double-thick padding provides more cushion to protect your knees and joints from pain, providing an excellent stability for any cardio exercises, yoga poses. Better shock absorbing and noise absorbing for any intense workouts. The oversized gym mat flooring perform good on various flooring(wood, concrete, tile, carpet, cement, etc.) in any rooms(gym, basement, garage, living room, etc.)
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How to choose Best exercise gym mat for you

Buyers should consider certain important aspects before buying any products. We did extensive research to find out what attributes buyers should focus on before they make a purchase decision.

Hapbear, Mro, Gxmmat, Ag activegear, Wercho, Gymcope, Anngrowy are the best and most common product suppliers nowadays so you can decide to buy from them.

Read our article to learn more about choosing the right product.


You can't expect an exercise mat to last forever. But you can try buying one that is worth your money. Closed cell mats are firmer and last longer than open cell mats. The most durable mats are those that have a protective covering, like the BalanceFrom Tri Fold. It is our top choice for durability because it appears to be almost impossible to tear. The product is made of dense, firm foam.


The smallest mat we have is 3 millimeters thick, and the largest mat is 50 millimeters. You decide how thick your mat is. It depends on the exercises you plan to do on it and the thickness that feels most comfortable.

Magid explains that while a thicker surface may be more comfortable for your joints, it can make it harder to balance on because of its less stable surface. The key is to find the right balance between stability and padding.

Maintenance/Clean Up

It's nice after a sweaty exercise to clean your mat of any odors or bacteria. The majority of exercise mats that we tested were waterproof. Pay attention to the mat's construction to tell if it is waterproof or not. Open-cell foam does not provide waterproof protection. The Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Mat is easy to clean and unique because you can remove the mat's cover and wash it thoroughly.

Each panel is equipped with a zipper and the foam can be easily removed. The cover is made from durable nylon that is waterproof and does not hold bacteria or odors. A closed-cell mat, such as the BalanceFrom Trifolding mat or ProsourceFit Extra Thick yoga and Pilates mat, is waterproof but can also be wiped clean without absorbing moisture.


Traction is a very important factor to consider when purchasing an exercise mat. The traction is important, even though these mats have many different applications. Each mat was tested by pouring a cup of liquid on it to see how well they would hold up during a sweaty exercise. Retrospec Laguna was the best mat. The mats stayed put even when we dipped our hands and toes in a pool of water. The mat's material is more like rubber than foam so your body will stick to it and you can concentrate on your form instead of worrying about getting a towel. HemingWeigh performed well as well. Although the mat is made of waterproof foam, the material provided the best grip among the cushioned matting. The HemingWeigh has non-slip ridges that prevent hands and feet from slipping and stay secure on the floor below.


Lowe says that "most people prefer a textured floor for extra grip and stability. This is especially true when doing exercise which involves a lot movement." The best mats are those that have a non-slip texture. If you sweat a lot while exorcising, you should look for mats that are sweat-wicking.


The mat you choose will depend on where it is placed. You'll want a mat that has enough cushioning to prevent it from sliding around if you are working out on hardwood flooring. If you are working out on carpets, then a thin mat will work. However, it must have excellent grip.


You must first consider the type of exercise you will be doing on your mat. A mat that is extra durable is required for HIIT exercises, as anything that moves or can bunch up could be a safety hazard. Pilates and barre are lower impact exercises that still require a strong mat. However, they may shift more. If you prefer to exercise in sneakers and not barefoot, choose a mat designed for sneakers.


Exercise mats can be made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyester, synthetic materials such as PVC or vinyl, rubber or foam. Rubber mats may be more durable but will not feel as cushioned as mats made of foam.

Rubber mats tend to be heavier and more expensive. Foam mats, on the other hand, areer and lighter. They are not recommended for intense workouts or those that require heavy weights or a lot more movement because they can easily get torn or scuffed. Look for a mat which will support your workouts and feel comfortable.


We tested our mats in different scenarios to determine which one is the most versatile. The ProsourceFit puzzle mat was our top choice. It is great for both high-intensity exercises and stretching. Stamina Fold-to-Fit was another great option. We liked that it could be folded along six different seams so it would fit under your bench seat, or fully extended for a large space to jump around. Gaim Essentials Thin Mat was one of our favorite mats. It is a smaller, more traditional mat. It's comfortable to stretch out on, but also offers stability for jumping and balance. It is easy to roll up and secure with a strap. This would make a and versatile option for travel.


Comfort is the key to choosing a mat for stretching and floor exercises. BalanceFrom Go Cloud is a great mat for anyone looking for comfort. It protects and cushions your elbows, knees and joints from hard surfaces with its 1-inch thick foam. The foam bounces back when heavy weights are placed on its surface.

Final Thoughts

Finally, here are some of the best brands that create Best exercise gym mat: Hapbear, Mro, Gxmmat, Ag activegear, Wercho, Gymcope, Anngrowy. As new findings are discovered, we will inform Best exercise gym mat. So please keep us updated.


1. What Is The Difference Between A Yoga Mat And An Exercise Mat?

Workout mats tend to be thicker and thinner. Yoga mats, on the other hand, are usually thinner. Many styles are suitable for both yoga and other exercises. For those who have joint sensitivity, or want extra cushioning for yoga practice, a thicker mat can be beneficial.

2. Do I Have To Use An Exercise Mat?

Yes. You can get injured if you exercise without a mat, particularly on hardwood floors. The mat will cushion your joints and provide traction so that you can stay stable while exercising. The mat also protects the floor and carpet.

3. How Do You Clean An Exercise Mat?

To get the best results, it's best to always follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. You can generally clean most exercise mats using a wet washcloth and soap, or disinfectant wipes. Although you do not need to clean your mat every time you exercise, we recommend that it be cleaned regularly to ensure its freshness and condition.

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