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  • Product Dimensions: Height Fits Up To 6' 7" Exerciser | 65L x 19.3W x 24.8H in | Seat dimensions: 9.5L x 11.5W x 2.3H in | Product weight: 58.9Pounds.
  • FREE MERACH APP: Our exclusive app offers you a variety of free trainer-led exercise classes, scenic rowing modes, and personalize your fitness program. Track your workout progress with live metrics. Designed to help you reach your goals. (Also KINOMAP Compatible)
  • Ergonomics Design: The MERACH Q1S smart rower machines also upgrade the custom non-slip pedals and silicone handle, soft and breathable cushioning saddle. Bring your rowing experience to the next level.
  • 【Easy to Assemble & Store】ANCHEER row machine part of the accessories have been pre-assembled. All users can finish the installation within 20 minutes. Foldable rowing machine stores slim in upright position - even the smallest apartment can probably accommodate the storage of this unit. it takes only 5 feet of using space. Two transport wheels can help you move this rower easily.
  • 【Multifunctional LCD Monitor】 Displays time, count, calories and distance. Stay focused on your fitness goals and exercise metrics, which will help you monitor your exercise process and help you make a scientific exercise plan to achieve any kind of personal fitness goals with ANCHEER rowers. It will be the best choice of rowing machines for home use.
  • 【12 Adjustable Resistance】ANCHEER hydraulic rowing machine provides double-cylinder hydraulic as the resistance source, which can be durable, The 12 levels of hydraulic cylinder resistance can create a versatile rowing exercise. Up to 110 lbs levels of resistance provide a suitable range of intensity, you can adjust the tension according to your exercise goal, and the whole family can achieve healthy and efficient cardio at home.
  • 【Excellent Exercise Experience】The row machine with 59in extra long silent bearing track, that compatible with 98% users height. 4*6cm sturdy steel tubing provides excellent durability and safety with a weight capacity of 245 lbs, comfortable pu soft cushion and secure break-resistant webbing provide optimal comfort and safety for you.
  • 【Full-Body Muscle Workout】Manufactured from premium steel tubing, this rowing machine comes with 6 high quality latex elastic cords (1 cord strength is 30 pounds) that provide up to 180 lbs of resistance. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, it effectively works the core muscles of your arms, backs, shoulders, abdominals and legs. Perfect for use as home gym weight loss and body building.
  • 【Designed for Home Gym】Diaomao home rowing machine is lightweight and quick to install, complimentary parts instructions and installation steps, easy to assemble in 30 minutes. The home fitness equipment weighing only 10.6kg and occupying 0.26 square meters of storage space, it is extremely convenient to move and store before and after exercise.
  • Full-Body Muscle Workout: Rowing is a great full-body exercise. Rowing targets over 90% of the muscles in your body, training your shoulders, back, core, arms, hips, glutes, and legs in just 20 minutes. It's great for your heart and lungs.
  • Upgraded Rowing Machine for home use: Smooth Rail & Handle for joint-friendly workouts. Cushioned seat boosts comfort. Alloy steel frame offers stability. Feel strong and secure with oversized footrests complete with quick-release adjustable straps.
  • Works Seamlessly with Apps: You can connect your smartphone or device to the row machine via Bluetooth to track your metrics as you row. It wirelessly syncs with a variety of apps, allowing you to store and display workout results, upload workouts, and even take part in online races through 30+ different apps.
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What do you have to consider before shopping for the Best rowing machine company?

Do you wish to buy a Best rowing machine company but have little experience with this type of product? Don't be alarmed! We've put up a buying guide to help you pick the best solution for your requirements.

We investigated and tested hundreds of the products currently on the market to come up with the ideal advice for you to examine before purchasing the Best rowing machine company (if the products we listed do not match your needs).

However, some queries you may have regarding a product include: 

  • Are this product and its makers well-known in the market?
  • Does the price tag match your finances?
  • Where can customers go for product support?
  • How will this item be modified?
  • What are the potential implications of this product?

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Noise Level

As with most fitness equipment, rowing machines will make noise when in use.

Some models are louder than others.

The quietest rowing machines tend to be magnetic resistance and water resistance. They're perfect if you like to listen to music or watch TV while you exercise.

Some rowing machines can be quite quiet, even though they are usually louder. You can check the product description of the manufacturer to determine if the machine is designed to be quieter.

Special Features

Some rowing machines have high-tech features like games, workouts or even guidance from an instructor. Rosenzweig believes that connected rowing machines are more motivating and fun.

He warns, however, that many of these options are more expensive because they require a subscription to corresponding content. If you can afford it, this could be an excellent option for rowers who want to improve their skills or beginners looking for additional guidance.


It is important to think about your fitness goals when choosing the resistance level of a rowing device.

If you're looking for a full body workout but don't want to simulate actual rowing, then hydraulic and magnetic resistance machines are the best options. Magnetic resistance machines are a great option for those who are new to rowing exercises because they provide a smooth workout.

Both air and water resistance rowing machine provide a full-body workout, but are the most effective if you want to train for a rowing contest.

Choose a rowing machine with adjustable resistance if you plan to use it by multiple users. So, users can tailor their workouts to their own fitness levels.


The track on which the rowing machine travels is an important part of its design, as it takes a lot of stress when in use. It should be constructed of durable materials such as solid wood or stainless steel.

Types Of Rowing Machines

There are four main types: magnetic resistance, water resistance, flywheel or air-powered rowing machines, and hydraulic rowing machines.

Water rowing machines
They are similar to rowing machines with air resistance, but use a flywheel filled with water to increase resistance. This type provides a workout very similar to outdoor rows.

Magnetic resistance rowing machines
Magnetic brakes provide resistance while you row. They have a smooth, adjustable motion with a resistance system. However, they don't mimic outdoor rowing.

Flywheel or air-powered rowing machines
They generate resistance by pulling a handle that spins a flywheel attached with fan blades. You can increase the resistance by pulling harder on the handles. Flywheel machines are able to mimic outdoor rowing very well.

Hydraulic rowing machine
The arms are attached with two hydraulic pistons that can be pulled by the user. The pistons pull against air or liquid inside their cylinders to create resistance. The rowing machine is not a good replica of actual rowing, but it has adjustable resistance. It also delivers an effective upper body workout.

Storage And Portability

The rowing machine can be heavy and bulky, much like any treadmill or exercise bike at home, making it difficult to store or transport. Many rowers have been designed for portability and ease of use. Some rowers have wheels built in that allow them to be moved easily. Others can be folded and placed against a wall or turned on their side.

Seat, Handlebars, And Footrests

If you want to stick with your exercise routine, you need to be comfortable using the rowing machine.

It's a good idea, if possible, to try out a rowing device before purchasing it. You can then be certain of its comfort.

The seat of a rowing machine is the most important aspect when it comes comfort. It is important to choose a padded seat, but it is also important that the seat be large and contoured.

You'll want to choose a model that has padding on the handlebars. Footrests need to be large enough for your feet. Models with adjustable footrests allow you to customize the size. Search for rowing machines with straps to hold your feet so they won't fall during use.

Rowing Machine Size

When you are shopping for a rowing equipment, the most important factor to consider is the available space. It's important to make sure that the machine will fit into your home. Most models are as large as a loveseat sofa.

You should measure the space where you intend to place the machine and take into consideration the dimensions of the model you are considering.

You should also check the weight. If you intend to move the rowing machine regularly, it's best to choose a lighter model.


Not all rowing machines come with a console to monitor your performance.

It's important to keep track of progress. A rowing machine that has a monitor will allow you to see your speed, distance, and calories.

You may want to invest in a monitor which tracks your heart rate and workout intensity. It can also track stroke rate.

Fixed Vs. Folding

Consider the size and weight of the rowing machine you want to buy. Also, consider whether you need a folding or a fixed model.

You'll need to have enough space for a fixed rowing machine. Fixed machines can be more durable.

The name of the machine is accurate: a folding rowing device folds to take up less space. Many users prefer a folding rowing machine for indoor use.


In conclusion, we hope the shopping guidance above will assist you in locating the best product for your needs. When buying, don't forget to look for the Best rowing machine company from reputable manufacturers like Lubbygim, Pooboo, Merach, Ancheer, Diaomao, Dripex.


1. Will A Rowing Machine Damage Your Floor?

Rubber feet are usually fitted to most rowing machines. This helps prevent the machine from scratching floors. If you plan to put the rowing machine on a wood floor, you should purchase a mat.

2. What Type Of Maintenance Does A Rowing Machine Require?

The maintenance of a rowing machine is usually minimal, but you should always consult the owner's guide. Dust your machine to prevent dirt and debris from entering. Clean and lubricate the chain on your machine periodically.

3. Is It Safe To Row Every Day?

You can row safely for hours a day, depending on how intensely you row. Pay attention to your body. Consider a day or two of gentle stretching and rest if you are feeling stiff or sore. This will allow your body to recover. Keep rowing if you're feeling great!

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