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We then combine field testing with in-house lab testing that provides measured data we can use to inform comparison and performance ratings. Our testers are experts in their areas. Each of them has an eye for detail and an obsession to find out and recommend a list of the Top Desk that goes up and down with popular brands below: Ergear, Homall, Flamaker, Sweetcrispy. All the models shown here have good reviews, do their job, and are worth their price.

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  • 【Technical Support】: A detailed installation manual and accurate video guide are included, so you can easily install the electric standing desk. We will also provide you with efficient solutions and technical support. If you have any questions about using the standing desk, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • 【Large Working Space】: Standing desk tabletop plate measures 48 "x 24", board thickness is 0.6 ". It’s resistant to dirt, easy to clean, and not easy to scratch. The desktop is packaged in two parts for easy assembly. The wide desktop has passed the CRAB test, which is safe and reliable.
  • 【Spacious Cloth Drawer】: The adjustable desk's extra pull-out drawer under the table enhances the overall decor, making the tabletop neater and more spacious and items easier to organize. Provide more storage space for your home office supplies.(10.2"D x 15.7"W x 3.5"H)
  • Mobile Desk: This electric standing desk comes with four casters, giving you freedom to switch location easily anytime. Simple caster locks firmly hold position. Standard foot pads are also included; Smooth Height Adjustment: Freely select adjustable standing desk height, from 28.74 to 48.03 . Save your favorite three settings and smoothly switch between them; Outstanding Stability: Our electric stand up desk has a sturdy solid steel frame with aerospace-grade lifting column connectors still stable secure after testing 100,000 times . The electric adjustable standing desk is a firm foundation for work, even at full height; Uprated Motor: This electric sit stand desk provides powerful lifting performance Max 176 lb load and reliable long-term operation tested 10,000 times and still going strong ; Simplified Assembly: The adjustable height desk has an easier assembly process with fewer steps and less lifting. Just follow the clear electric standing desk instruction manual video; Mounting type: Floor Mount; Target gender: unisex; Care instructions: Wipe with Damp Cloth; is_assembly_required True;
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Long-term Function

Most fully adjustable and programmable desks start at around $400. That’s not too bad for a sturdy desk that can last 10 years or longer. You should expect quick, dependable service and a five year or better guarantee so you know your desk won’t break down after two years.


Stand-up desk prices vary greatly depending on the number of options selected, whether it's an automatic stand-up desk or not, and the size and materials used for the desk itself. To help you decide which one is best for you, we've ranked them fromest to most expensive.

Features And Customization Options

Standing desks come in different sizes, materials, and finishes so you can customize them to meet your specific needs. Some offer custom add-on options that can increase their cost, but they're worth considering if you want to get the most out of your standing desk.


Some stand-up desks are easier to use than others.

For an easy desk to adjust, choose one with electric adjustment. Simply push a button, and the table rises or lowers.

Crank stands allow you to adjust them manually, which is an easier method than using a motorized stand. However, if you suffer from arthritis or other joint pains, then they might not be the best choice for you.

You may need to buy an additional stand for your computer monitor. If so, these are the most difficult to use because you must remove everything from the desk surface before raising or lowering the desk.


Standing desk sizes vary depending on whether they're freestanding or add-ons.

It’s called a “freestanding desk” because unlike most desks, which sit on top of a table, it stands by itself.

These desktops have enough room for your computer, monitors, books, and other items so they’ll always be within arm’s length when you’ve got them up on their legs. They come in different sizes, so finding one that works well for your office will be easier than if you were looking at a typical desktop.

Measure your workspace carefully so you can determine which type of desk you need.

A standing workstation is a small, elevated working surface placed atop an existing desktop computer. Some models sit on top of the desktop instead of resting upon it.

You might want to consider an adjustable standing desktop if you plan to use your computer for long periods of time.


Standing desks come in different shapes and sizes, but they usually look nice right out of the packaging. Most customers don't need customizations, though some may prefer them.

Motorized Vs. Manual Controls

To position your computer screen at the correct distance, whether you're sitting or standing, your monitor will have either manual or electric/mechanical controls. Electric/mechanical controls means your monitor will need an electrical outlet to function. Most monitors with mechanical controls include a switch to raise and lower the monitor. Manual control stands do not need electricity and can be adjusted manually without any tools. Manual control stands are generallyer than those with electric/mechanical adjustments.

Electronic Control

An electronic desk is an adjustable desk that moves between two height levels at the push of a button. These types of adjustable stands have been around for quite a while, but they were generally very cumbersome and not particularly user friendly. Today, these kinds of adjustable stands are much easier to operate, and they're also far more stable. In addition, they come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors, and materials.

Material And Construction

Standing Desktops are designed to help people stand during working hours. They are typically constructed out of steel and include an adjustable height surface, along with a shelf or drawer space below. Some standing tables also have wheels, allowing them to be moved around if needed.

Standing desk features include multiple work surfaces or shelves so you have plenty of room for your computer, light, and other items.


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1. What Height Should I Choose For A Standing Desk?

For most adults, an optimal height for a standing workstation is between 38 and 44 inches. However, if you're shorter than 5'2" or taller than 6', choose a work surface that's between 45 and 48 inches tall.

2. Are Standing Desk Difficult To Assemble?

Standing desk assemblies usually don't require any special tools or skills. They can typically be put together within one hour, but they may take even less time if the person assembling them has particular skill sets.

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