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  • 【DOUBLE-SIDED ANTI-SLIP RUG MAT】 The DELLUNA RUG PAD team developed the 100% new felt fiber+ double-sided rubber non-slip rug pads, providing twice the grip, holding the carpet firmly in place, and stopping the rug from moving. The natural rubber backing is ideal for added grip on hard surface floorings, such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile. Prevent slipping and sliding from everyday use or when children or pets play with it.
  • 【THICKENING - COMFORTABLE 】 The mat contains 49 oz of felt. The thickness reaches 3/8 inches for those looking to maximize cushioning and comfort. It is thicker than most rug pads on the market. High-density thickened heat-pressed felt adds soundproofing and insulation. Provide a thick and soft luxury feeling under your feet.
  • 【VERSATILE SIZING AND USE】 We can easily trim all our carpet mats with scissors to meet your needs. You only need to put the pad down, place the rug on top and cut any excess material. The area around the carpet pad is to be recommended to be less than the carpet. The extra material can also be used as a cabinet-drawer liner, according to your needs. You can also use it under your furniture or as table cushions, sofa cushions, mattresses, and futons.
  • PROTECTS RUGS AND FLOORS - Extends the life of your rug by preventing wrinkling and buckling, and prevents scrapes, scratches, and furniture dents on your floors
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA - Made of the highest quality materials here in the United States. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us via messaging and we will be happy to assist you.
  • PREVENTS SLIPPING - Textured rubber surface grips hard floors to reduce sliding and tripping hazards
  • Protect Your Rugs from Damage - Prolonged friction can damage the backing of the carpet which can cause the pile to loosen.Acting as an extended buffer between your rug and the floor, a rug pad absorbs most of the shock from foot traffic, preventing the fibers of your rug from being crushed and adding to the rug's longevity.
  • Cushion and Noise Reduction - Put the extra thick felted pad under your area rug, you will feel totally different from the old ways! Thanks to our newest technology 3D-VOF (which can make the rug pad softer and plusher), you will feel cushier and more comfortable under your feet.And the dense fibers of the rug pad help to reduce noise.
  • Keep Your Rugs in Place with Anti Slip Felt Mats - Anti skid carpet pad prevent shifting of the rug when it's walked on.No need to worry about slipping.It can also hold your area rug in place while vacuuming and moving furniture.This is especially important if you are placing the rug on a hard or slick surface like tile or hardwood.
  • ✔ Easy to install, non slip grip pad works for all surfaces- wood, hardwood, bamboo, ceramic, tile, stone, and vinyl floors. Suitable for rug, mattress, futon, sofa cushions or chair cushions, carpets. Note: Cannot be used on wet floors!
  • ✔ Unique double-sided anti-slip silicone gel grips, provide absolutely anti-skid for maximum grip and traction.
  • ✔ IFRMMY Newest non slip felt pad is the perfect solution to stop rugs from sliding, super strength gripper helps locks area rug in place, help stop carpet from sliding.
  • EXTRA GRIP: The latex rubber backing provides additional grip under your area rugs to help prevent slipping, sliding, bunching, and wrinkles during everyday use. (area rug not included)
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Larger area rugs, over 5x8, with latex backing provide the best non-slip functionality. For added non-slip grip to scatters, runners, and other smaller area rug sizes under 5x8, it is recommended to use rug tape or non-slip corner tabs to help prevent slipping and sliding in high traffic spaces.
  • DURABLE COMFORT CUSHION: Choose from three felt thickness options - 1/4", 3/8”, and 1/2" - offering various levels of soft feel underfoot, flooring protection, sound absorption, insulation, and all-around extra comfort for your area rugs in any room around your home.
  • U.S. patented product
  • Upper surface holds the rug, preventing wrinkling and buckling
  • Hypoallergenic, completely synthetic, no plant or animal fibers to aggravate allergies
  • STRONG GRIPPING POWER - Natural rubber backing keeps rugs anchored firmly in place. Prevents slipping, sliding, and wrinkling in high-traffic areas.
  • DURABLE CUSHION - Pad contains 22oz of felt and 14oz of rubber per square yard. Thickness is approximately 1/4" throughout (actual thickness may vary slightly in production). Heat pressed felt adds soundproofing and insulation. Non-abrasive to protect rugs and floors from scratches. Adds extra comfort underneath rugs without extra bulking.
  • TOTAL SATISFACTION - If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us (via message) and we will be happy to assist you.
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Fortunately, there are several types of rug pad available today that are environmentally friendly and safe. However, if you want to be sure that the rug pad you choose won't harm either yourself or your family, then look for products that are made from non-PVC material.


Many high quality rugs are well cushy on their own. But thicker,er rugs can usually profit from a cushioned pad. Cushioned rug pats offer comfort and a little sound insulating. Felt and memory foams do a great job in the cushiony department. Rubber, latex and PVC will keep your feet from sliding, but they wont give much cushion.


Rugs that curl up at the edges can make walking hazardous. To avoid slipping, install nonslip mats underneath them. Natural-rubbers and latex are good choices because they won't stain carpeting or slip around. PVC is a safer option if you're worried about allergies.

Additional Features

- Adding a cushion under your carpet can be helpful for reducing noise from footsteps and pets. Both soft padding materials (such as plush carpets) and rigid padding materials (like hardwood floors) can help dampen sounds.

- Rug pads are waterproof so they won't let liquid stains get into your flooring.

- Felt and memory foams should be vacuumed at least once per year. Spilled liquids should be blotted to avoid moisture retention.


If you're looking to buy a rug pad, make sure to get one that's between 1/16th and 3/32nds of an inch thick. A thicker pad is best suited for large, heavy rugs, while a thinner pad works great for lighter ones. You'll also want to avoid pads that exceed half an inch in any direction. In general, it's best to stay under a quarter of an inch thick.


There are different materials that are better suited to certain types of floors. For example, vinyl pads hold up well under traffic but are not recommended for carpets. Faux leather pads offer good traction but don't hold up well against wear and tear. A combination of both may be best.


Rugs generally need a rug pad for two reasons.

-Cushions. Rugs provide comfort and protection by absorbing the impact of walking, standing, sitting, and kneeling. They also protect floors from scratches and stains. Some rugs come with built-in padding. Others can be padded separately. Padding materials include wool, cotton, polyester fiberfill, foam, and rubber.

- Safety. Non-slip rug pad keeps your rug in place. Made from natural rubber, latex or PVC, they're great for light weight indoor/outdoor ruggs.

Rug pads do double duty. Not only will they help your rug stay put, but they’ll provide extra comfort for your feet when walking on them.


You'll need a small size carpet/matting (1 inch larger than your existing carpet) and a small sized carpet/matting cushion (1 inch smaller than your current mat). Make sure you check the sizes of both your existing carpet and the new one before purchasing them.


To get the best results from your rug pad, buy one that is roughly 1 to 2 inches smaller on both sides than the dimensions of your rug. Cut the rug pad down so that its edge doesn't show when laid flat against the floor.


We hope the above guide will make it easier for you to choose the No skid rugs with the popular brands below: Delluna, Furnish my place,, Rugpadusa, Resare, I frmmy, Mohawk home, No-muv, Grip-it, Hold-a-rug plush, Durahold, Gorilla grip.

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1. Can I Use A Rug Pad Under A Rug That Is Near A Door?

The short answer is "yes." However, if you want to be absolutely certain, you'll need to measure the clearance under the door to be sure that there is enough space for both. If not then a thicker carpet pad would probably work best.

2. What Is The Best Type Of Rug Pad Material If Sound Insulation Is My Primary Concern?

If you're looking for a soundproofing solution, you might want to consider using felt rugs instead of carpet. They provide a similar effect but without the need to replace your floor covering. You can select from different thickness options depending on your needs.

3. How Can I Keep My Rug Pad Clean?

First, follow the guidelines of the carpeting you purchase. Some models, especially the slimmer, non-slip types that are made of polymers, can be cleaned by hands or in a washer. Large, thick carpets can be vacuumed with an upright vacuum that doesn't create powerful suction that could harm them. For spills and also stains, carpets can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then dried thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth.

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