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  • AUTO HOME AND AWAY MODE. Adjust your thermostat from anywhere with your mobile device, or let your home automatically react to your schedule with geofencing
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Forced air (gas, oil or electric), hot water and steam, and heat pumps with electric backup. Does NOT work with electric baseboard heat (120-240V). C-Wire Required.
  • MULTI-ROOM FOCUS. Add Smart Room Sensors to focus the temperature on multiple rooms for comfort where it matters to you. (Sensors sold separately). Wire Configuration - 4-Wire. Supports Wi-Fi 802.11 B/G/N 2.4 and 5 GHz
  • 3H/2C heat pump or up to 2H / 2C conventional
  • Remote comfort control via computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Must be installed by a licensed HVAC technician
  • AMAZING SENSOR RANGE. The battery powered Smart Room Sensors utilize unique Honeywell Home technology to deliver an efficient signal up to 200 ft range. (Could be further depending on home construction.)
  • MULTI-ROOM FOCUS. Don’t be forced to choose one room over another, the T9 Smart Thermostat can handle multiple rooms to focus on (requires sensors).
  • CONTROL IT YOUR WAY. Control the T9 using the Resideo app or through Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and more.
  • Custom Display, with on screen comfort information
  • Energy Savings mode, and 7 day easy programming
  • Total Connect Comfort app available, remotely monitor/manage your homes comfort and energy use
  • Hvac/Thermostats & Accessories
  • Made in: United States
  • Dimensions: 4.09" x 4.09" x 1.06"
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What do you have to consider before shopping for the Thermostat wifi honeywell?

Do you wish to buy a Thermostat wifi honeywell but have little experience with this type of product? Don't be alarmed! We've put up a buying guide to help you pick the best solution for your requirements.

We investigated and tested hundreds of the Thermostat wifi honeywell currently on the market to come up with the ideal advice for you to examine before purchasing (if the products we listed does not match your needs).

However, some queries you may have regarding a product include: 


Prior to picking a thermostat, check out its installation process to determine whether to enlist expert assistance or complete it on your own. While installing a thermostat on your own can seem difficult, most contemporary thermostats need few tools and also include detailed guidelines.


Your thermostat ought to have an easy-to-read display so that you know your residence's existing temperature and also your thermostat's present setups. The majority of smart thermostats consist of a backlit screen for viewing the temperature level in low light.

Smart Speaker Compatibility

Most of wise thermostats can pair with both Android and Apple devices, but examine to see what various other tools it might work with that said you might already have, like an Amazon Alexa or Google Aide tool.

Ease Of Installation

If you're intending on mounting your brand-new thermostat yourself, it's important to pick a model that's DIY pleasant and compatible with your cooling and heating system. If a thermostat calls for hardwiring, it will normally require a c-wire, which provides constant power from the heating and cooling system. You'll wish to inspect your existing arrangement to see if there's a c-wire readily available. If not, you'll either want to buy a battery-powered unit or work with a specialist to assist with installment.


While, feature-wise, numerous smart thermostats are comparable, design-wise you'll discover a lot of variation. Think about exactly how this piece of hardware will assimilate with the rest of your decoration.

Thermostat Type

Thermostats are generally divided into three classifications: wise thermostats, programmable thermostats, and also non-programmable thermostats.

- Smart thermostats are a popular option for many house owners as a result of their compatibility with other clever residence devices and their capacity to regulate your residence's interior temperature. Smart thermostats are typically regulated by mobile apps or voice assistants, such as Google Aide or Amazon Alexa. Several clever thermostats additionally supply you with energy intake stats to ensure that you can track exactly how your house warms as well as cools itself. The downside to clever thermostats is their price, which typically much goes beyond programmable and also non-programmable models.

- Programmable thermostats are convenient because they let you establish a particular heating and also cooling routine based on the moment or day of the week. You established this routine utilizing the buttons and also turns on the thermostat's body.

- Non-programmable thermostats are fundamental models that permit you to establish your residence to your preferred temperature level. These thermostats are mainly limited to showing you the current as well as set temperatures. Nonetheless, the advantage of these thermostats is their budget-friendly cost.


Today's thermostats feature numerous features, as well as you can pick one that's as standard or modern as you require. One prominent function is the ability to set daily programs that instantly readjust the temperature in your house, individuals commonly establish programs that change the temperature when they leave for work, return residence, and go to bed. An additional popular feature is Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables you to readjust your thermostat from your phone as well as also attach it to other wise house tools. Other functions you may want to search for include the capacity to regulate multiple zones, compatibility with remote sensing units, and also geofencing, which supplies automatic controls based upon your place.


Thermostats are often presented plainly within your home, so it's always a great suggestion to select one that you discover aesthetically pleasing. Some of today's premium thermostats have streamlined modern styles, some also allow you to change the shade of the display screen, and numerous offer touchscreen controls for included benefit.

People are always drawn to the price tag initially

The cost of goods should always be the first thought that springs to mind. Before purchasing a Thermostat wifi honeywell, clients should have adequate cash on hand or a detailed budget. If you have a restricted income, you should opt for ones that are of good quality. If not, you may use whatever Thermostat wifi honeywell you want without pausing to worry about it.

The second aspect, in relation to the value, is the device's quality and reliability

When you're considering an item and want to acquire it right away, don't forget to look at its reliability and effectiveness. Make sure that the quality is worth your money. If you have the opportunity to test it at the shop, you should do so to see whether it performs as expected.

Longevity is the next factor to consider

Are you just planning to utilize this Thermostat wifi honeywell for several hours, days, seasons, or decades? What is the expected lifespan of the Thermostat wifi honeywell? Or, after a certain period of use, how soon do you have to replace or modify it? Before deciding, you should address these questions. Bear in mind that lifespan should be considered a good investment.

Customers' ratings and comments are the following pieces of information that purchasers should look at

Because experienced customers have utilized the service, they will provide their genuine and truthful thoughts about the Thermostat wifi honeywell. This information is the long-term resource for customers to read, verify, and evaluate whether the item's benefits and drawbacks meet their requirements.

Last but not least, there's the brand

What is the origin of the Thermostat wifi honeywell produced? Are there manufacturers that you can trust? As you are probably aware, the best Thermostat wifi honeywell should be manufactured by the best brand. 

You may simply locate your most excellent pick with a well-known brand in that sector without having to worry about quality or longevity. On the other hand, consumers must consider a number of factors before purchasing a product from a novice brand.


In conclusion, we hope the shopping guidance above will assist you in locating the best product for your needs. When buying, don't forget to look for the Thermostat wifi honeywell from reputable manufacturers like Honeywell home, Honeywell.


1. How Do You Know If Your Thermostat Is Broken?

If your thermostat will not activate or is less competent, this might signal an issue. In addition, if your ac system or heating unit won't switch on or is running when it shouldn't, you might have a faulty thermostat.

2. How Does A Thermostat Work?

A thermostat sends out a message to your heating and cooling system based on the temperature you establish it to. For example, if you set your thermostat to 72 levels Fahrenheit, the thermostat will certainly transform your system on when it's higher or lower than this temperature.

3. How And When Should You Test A Thermostat?

If you think your thermostat isn't working appropriately, there are a pair methods you can check it. One very easy way is to slowly increase the temperature setup on your thermostat. It will usually make a clicking audio, as well as your furnace will kick on. (You may need to have an assistant stand by the heating system to see if it makes a sound.) If the furnace doesn't respond, the thermostat is like not sending a signal and might need to be replaced.

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